Rainbow Craft for the Little Ones

rainbow_kids_craftColor can move us. It is a reason why it is so hard to pick paint colors for rooms. We want to pick a color that inspires us and creates a certain mood. Rainbows contain so many colors and they all fuze together to be beautiful. It is my Reagan’s favorite color. She might occasionally say purple or pink, but if there is a rainbow option…she picks it. It might be a popsicle. It might be a shirt. It might even be a pair of shoes.

We are always looking for fun little seasonal crafts to do as part of our homeschool day, and the other day we had a play date and this little craft was the perfect one. Making these rainbows incorporated so many elements: painting, cutting, and even sorting.

The first step was to staple a paper plate in half. I then let the kids paint the plate as a rainbow.

rainbow_craftWhile the rainbows were drying I broke out my ribbon stash. I wanted these rainbows to kind of have a wind chime or dream catcher feel, so what better way than to add some more textures to them!?

I love ribbon and have collected it for a while. I often use it in projects, but I find myself buying it even without a specific project. It was time to let some go.

The kids were so excited to dig through and find different pieces/colors that they liked. I showed how each piece could be a slightly different length and let them just start cutting.


ribbon_craftAs well as having pieces of ribbon cut for their rainbows, they were also making ninja masks. It was quite fun to watch them enjoy and be inspired.

kid_ribbon_craftOnce they all had a good pile of cut ribbons, I had them line them up in the order they wanted. I then hot glued them in place while also adding a little loop at the top so they can easily be hung.

kids_DIY_wall_artThey turned out so cute! The kids were so excited about them.

rainbow_activityWe hung the boys’ rainbows where we do school, but my little Reagan wanted hers to hang right above her bed! I now ask her every morning if she had rainbow dreams.


kids_spring_craftThis was such a fun little craft. I love seeing their art around our home!

If you are interested in other pieces of these rooms, you can find more information here…

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Do you have a thing for color too or are a rainbow fan? I hope you get a chance to create with your little ones this week! It just might make their day AND yours!