DIY Painted Wood Vase {tutorial}


The other night Matt brought home some flowers for me. I love flowers. They are so fun and bring such a fresh pop of color into your home. Well, I went to put my new flowers in a vase and decided I wasn't happy with my options. Really, truth be told, I had some wooden dowel rods that I had already envisioned somehow wrapping around a jar. So, these new flowers gave me an excuse, and I got to work. It started off like a mash-up of Lincoln Logs meets a weird game of Jenga. After several attempts, I came up with a design I liked. So I wanted to pass on to you my DIY painted wood vase tutorial. I started by cutting my dowel rods four inches in length. I had a collection of widths measuring from 3/8" to 5/8". I love how the different widths of wood add a variety of depth and breaks it from … [Continue reading...]

DIY Lego Piñata


Do you live with some master builders? I do too. Although at times I feel like I live in Legos, step on them too often, and they cost a lot, I do love those amazing creations. We spend a lot of time playing Legos. I love seeing my kids creativity with them. I pray they […]

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How to use Felt and Yarn in the Spring


When you think of yarn and felt, do you think of their use more for in the fall and winter? Although I think they are perfect for the winter months, I would also argue they are great for spring and summer as well. Maybe this makes me a rule breaker. Will you break the rules […]

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You are a Masterpiece


When I look at our kids, I see my little super heroes. They make it easy because they like to dress up and pretend to be caped crusaders all the time. But their playtime roles are not really what I’m talking about. I’m talking about their beauty, their strength, their innocence, their creativity, their joy, […]

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Spring is here, let’s get crafting!

tribe card

I don’t remember a time where spring has been more anticipated than this year!? With such a crazy winter all over the country I feel like everyone is ready for a beautiful spring season. How about you? Well, to celebrate I come bearing a crafting opportunity for you. Wait, not one, but two crafting opportunities. […]

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An Embroidery Journal


As an inward processor, journaling has always been an important part of me working through my thoughts and emotions. I’m finding it’s much harder these days to capture the time I would like to journal well. Rather than just giving up, I’ve decided to try and capture key words and phrases on my art that […]

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The Easiest Alphabet {DIY}


Do you go with the trends or fads? Colors and styles change, but there are basic elements in design that are just considered classic. The alphabet is one of those classic design staples. As long as people are reading and writing, there will be art, shirts, games, cards, etc. with the letters of our alphabet. […]

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When Life {and your floors} get messy!


Life gets messy, right!? A close friend (and new mom) asked me this week, if it was normal to not want to get up in the middle of the night with your child. It is. I am approaching year seven of being a mom, and I am still trying to figure it out. It is […]

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Be Still

farm cows

Sometimes there are posts my heart wants to write, and my hands literally can’t type fast enough. My heart has been stirring. Its been hurting. There have been moments of confusion and lots of frustration. Now, I realize it’s mostly anger towards myself. Let me back up. This blog is a dream. I feel like […]

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March’s Spoonful Tribe is here!


It is no secret that I adore throw pillows. I love the color, texture, and simplicity that they can bring to a room. When I think of changing the feel in a room and brightening it up, throw pillows are the first thing I think of to use. They are cheap and if you learn […]

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