Making Tiny Worlds (Fairy Gardens)

DIY_fairy_garden_with_kidsWe went to North Georgia for Labor Day weekend. It was a fun getaway with Matt’s family. We found ourselves hiking, playing in waterfalls, talking, and relaxing all weekend. It was perfect.

One of the highlights of the trip was creating fairy gardens. Matt’s aunt brought all the supplies and the kids went nuts with excitement as they all started creating their own little worlds. To be honest I was in on it too, till I told myself to let the kids explore, discover, and create on their own and I retired as the photographer.

building_family_memoriesShe had bought simple plastic platters at the Dollar Tree as the base.

Part of the kids excitement was figuring out things they would like to use in their little garden. They started digging up dirt and moss and collecting little plants. It was so fun to watch each of them create something that was unique to them.

free_outdoor_kids_activityDIY_free_outdoor_kids_activityThey were getting dirty, playing with textures, experimenting with water and learning (without even knowing it). I love these moments. We found ourselves talking about roots and what plants needed to live and found ways to save water in their own little gardens. This was hands on Science at its best.





fun_family_outdoor_activityMost of the supplies for these gardens came from the great outdoors. Here are some examples of what we put in ours or you could put in yours too.

  • Moss
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Little plants
  • Pebbles
  • Water

Here are some ideas of cheap little things you can pick up from a craft store or may already have around your house to add to your garden.

  • Little animals (we had a porcelain frog and a cloth butterfly originally in ours and added plastic bugs from the Dollar Tree once we got home)
  • Small pots
  • Little shovels/buckets (may find in the scrap-book aisle at a craft store) or here are some tools online.
  • Shallow glass container (coasters work great) to create a pond or pool
  • Paper drink umbrellas
  • Stick, wire, cloth, clothespins to create a clothesline





kids_gardenThe biggest thing is to use your imagination and have fun when creating a fairy garden. My kids loved making these. We (of course) brought them back from our mountain getaway and they played with them for days. They would add and subtract things, water them, and literally dream with them.

My boys started using them for their bugs (that they would catch) as a home.They would lay on their bellies in the grass and watch the bugs move around. Reagan turned hers into a My Little Pony playground. It was so fun to watch.

fairy_garden_tutorialNow that fall weather is starting, it is a a great time to get outside with your kids and explore.

I hope you are able to use your imagination and give outlets for your kids to use theirs as well this week. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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