DIY Tractor Garland


Do you have a little boy that loves tractors? There is a sweet boy in my life who lights up for the big John Deere's. When his mom decided to decorate his room, she playfully pitched several concepts to him. Superheros? No. Transformers? Nope. Sports? No way. It was tractors all the way. So, she has embraced his love of those bright, neon green machines and his room is getting a special makeover with tractor decorations. Can you imagine how much that little boy feels loved and valued? I love it. I wanted to help, so I made this little felt garland to help decorate the walls. It would be so cute over the dresser, his bed, or even pulled out for a birthday party celebration. Although it was easy and cheap, it was a bit time-consuming. You can do it though! If you have a tractor lover in … [Continue reading...]

Easy Patriotic Decor


A must-do event during summers in Georgia is the Stone Mountain Laser Show. It’s quite the cultural event down south and I’ve been going to it since I was a child. Anyone that has been a part of the Laser Show tradition knows that the grand finale is a rousing rendition of Proud To Be […]

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Albion Fit

the prefect mom swimsuit

Summer is in full swing and we are living at the neighborhood pool. How about you? Are you hitting the pool? Getting ready for the summer beach trip? Are you a mom with young kids? If you are anything like me this is always that time of year that I stress about finding a good […]

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DIY Fabric Flower Pot


Do you know that moment when your porch turns into a kid jungle? There are kids climbing, doing chalk, looking for bugs and shoes strung all over. In these moments, you wonder if you should use another door to join them outside? This is often my front stoop. I love it. On any given moment […]

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Be Creative


Creativity is a complex idea. I think most people think of creativity as literally pulling out craft supplies and creating something awesome. Creativity can look different, and that is something I have been learning. I like how Wikipedia defines the word CREATIVE: “a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created (such as an idea, […]

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You are Loved


Friends, you are loved! In this great big world, the internet can bring us together and make it so small. I have met so many beautiful souls on the web that I am blessed to now call friends. I truly believe God brings people into our lives to encourage us and lift us up. One […]

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DIY Fabric Arrows


Do you have a mission in life? Do you have a dream that inspires you or a passion that excites you? Do you have something you go to bed dreaming about and wake up ready to talk about? The answers to these questions can be your life’s arrow. The things you want your life to […]

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An Embroidery Journal #2

shine bright

Summer is here for us. I found myself last week with a huge sense of freedom when Caleb had his last day. As a homeschool mom, my life just got simpler. I am so excited about summer. It’s been a little while since my first embroidery journal entry. I’m going to try to keep it […]

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DIY Washi Tape Display


Does gold make you swoon? I see so many pictures on the web of the gold trend. They are all so beautiful. Stunning, gorgeous prints, figurines, pillows, pots, etc all shining bright. They seem so happy. These pictures make me love the idea of gold…and want to try to incorporate it, but I just can’t. […]

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DIY Painted Wood Hangers


If you are new to my blog, the heartbeat here is to encourage people to add a Spoonful of Imagination to their lives. I believe we all have some kind of creativity inside of us and the more we stretch ourselves to express that, the more beautiful life can be. I think you can take […]

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