Rustic Christmas Tree Tutorial

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DIY_simple_christmas_treeIt’s almost the most wonderful time of year. I like to think everyday we get is a gift and can be the most wonderful time of year, but Christmas is special.

I love the lights, color, spirit, meaning and joy that it brings.

As we wait for a house, I have been busily getting back into crafting. I started with Christmas projects of course!

Today, I am excited to share with you my rustic trees. I started with getting some basic supplies together. You might have some of these things already on hand.


  • white poster board
  • hot glue gun
  • jute string
  • scissors
  • small wood circle (I bought mine for $0.97 at Wal-mart), but you can also find it here
  • burlap
  • any decorative fringe (I used embroidery floss and pom-poms)

Start by wrapping your poster board into a mega phone shape. Depending on how tight you wrap your poster board will depict how tall your tree will be. You can see from my picture, I wrapped them differently, so I would get two different height trees. I then used a little hot glue to hold my mega phone shape intact.


DIY_mega_phone_formI then dropped my wood circle inside the mega phone to where it got snug and it stopped going down. This is where the base of the tree should be. I cut all the poster board off that was higher than the wood circle.


craft_christmas_tree_baseNext, I hot glued the wood circle in place. This created an inexpensively made tree form. From here, you can use your imagination and decorate that tree any way you want! I will show you a wrapping idea that I used.

I started by hot gluing some jute string to the base of my tree. This also made the seem from poster board to the wood circle pretty and clean. I then simply added a little glue, pressed my string into it and started wrapping and continued to add glue and string as I went up and around my tree form.



DIY_jute_christmas_treeTo be completely honest, the jute string took a while. It was mindless. No thinking was required, but it got a little tedious. That is why on my second tree form I did the same technique but wrapped and twisted burlap. It was so much quicker. Ultimately, I am glad I did the jute string on one of my tree forms. I love the look of the string tree with the burlap tree. They are both rustic materials, but different mediums that created its own look.

To help the jute string not look quite like a cat scratch-er, I strung some pom poms on embroidery floss and wrapped it around my tree. I love how this added a pop of color, but the tree still holds a simple look.


DIY_burlap_christmas_treeWhat do you think!? Do you like the rustic look too and want to incorporate it for Christmas? You can use your imagination once you have your tree base and embellish your tree form any way you like!! I think glitter would be beautiful or gluing pom poms or feathers all over would be stunning as well! There are lots of possibilities!

This idea is an inexpensive way to get some heightened decorative trees. These would be cute by a fireplace or on an end table.

Where would you use them?


simple_christmas_tree_craftI don’t usually share Christmas before Thanksgiving, but with moving I think Christmas will come and go so quickly and I don’t want to miss it. If you like this tree idea, you might also like my burlap wreath. It’s another simple craft!

Turn on a fun movie, get some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea and create!


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