Repurpose Kids Chairs into Wood Shelves

kids_wood_chair_makeoverI have a problem.

I can’t let go of sentimental things. Items that have a story. It may be like hoarding to hold onto them, but I like to think of it as a repurpose-ing gift. Can you relate?

My boys received these little wood chairs from their uncle, after he did a trip to Africa. I love that he found them for my boys and brought them clear across the sea on a plane just for them. So thoughtful.


wood_carved_chairsMy boys don’t really fit in them now, but I could not stand to take them to Goodwill. As I sat staring at them, I was inspired to try to make shelves!

They are made from strong wood and the carvings on them are simply gorgeous. What a perfect solution, if I could only pull it off. In hopes to not ruin the chairs completely, I roped in my handy husband. I stood by for mental laughs, smiles, and to document the experience.

He started by cutting the seat with my Ryobi miter saw, so just about two inches still stuck out on the back side.

cutting_wood_chairHe used some small scrap pieces of wood to help stabilize the seat from not moving. He used wood glue and screws to keep it all intact.

making_a_wood_shelfThis next part was just genius. He used a 1/2″ drill bit to carve out three little slots in the top of a little piece of wood that he screwed to the wall. He then screwed three little screws into the back of another piece of wood that he attached to my new shelf. These three screws sunk into the drilled out holes on the wall. This technique created a sturdy, strong attachment of my shelves to the wall. It does not shake at all. Perfect!

It was a quick project, and I love how it came together. Every once in a while one of my crazy ideas works out.


DIY_wood_shelfold_cameranarrow_DIY_wood_shelfI love the new shelves. They were the perfect addition to that little narrow wall in between the corner and the window.

This is going to be our foster care bedroom. I can’t wait to show you more of it soon!wood_shelfDo you have any little chairs that would make cute shelves? Or better yet, do you have any sentimental things that you too are trying to repurpose or save before they hit the donate pile!?

Just use your imagination! I’m sure there is a way to repurpose that item!


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