Greeting Card
Writing Prompts

Hi Friends!

Erica from Spoonful of Imagination here. Do you love writing greeting cards? I have always loved making them, but I am leaning in to sending them more too. Connection to others matters. It breathes passion and fulfillment in us and our relationships. Yet, we often lose it from busyness, anxiety, responsibilities, and work. Can you relate?

One way to create a deeper connection with those you care about (especially those who live further from you) is to send greeting cards. It’s a powerful, meaningful way to say I was thinking of you and YOU Matter!

New habits can be hard to start, so I’ve made this list of 26 writing prompts to help get you started. Pick one prompt to write to several people in a week or pick a different prompt per a day to use for different people. The way you use this list is up to you! Together we are going to use our words intentionally to build into others!

Fill out the simple form below and we will give you the PDF download right away! 

Imagine the possibilities,

PS. I’ll be posting daily reels on my Instagram, if you want to follow my journey. I’d love to see yours too! Tag @spoonfulofimagination with #spoonfulofimagination so I can find you!

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