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Erica from Spoonful of Imagination here. One of the most magical elements of our small town are the parks. Do you agree!? When our family moved here from Atlanta, we were amazed at how many parks there are and how so many are beside a lake. They are beautiful.

This slide became a favorite for our kids. We bring family to see it, when they now visit us. It’s a landmark and special to so many.

How fun to use this coloring page as part of a fun playdate with your kiddos! Print it out, color together, and then get out and explore the park together as well. You are making memories for a lifetime!

Next time I see you around town, please say hi and let me know how you colored your picture! Better yet, tag me on social media at @spoonfulofimagination so I can find you!! Keep creating and imagining the possibilities!

In it together,


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Winona Lake Coloring Page

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