Here's just some of what you will learn during our time together:


 📎What is a vision board?

There’s lots of talk, but what really is a vision board to YOU!? We will work it out.




📎 Why should I use a vision board?

Life is busy, you have obligations, why would something like this matter in an already full life? Let’s dive in!




📎 How do I make a vision board?

Creating and art might not be your thing. Don’t get intimidated about the steps. There’s no experience needed, and I will show you lots of examples and even begin one with you. You can even begin your own!




📎 Where do I go from here?

You will leave inspired, ready to take actionable steps on how to bring those dreams to life. There’s many ways to go about it. I will share one.

Who is this for?

If ANY of the following sounds like you, do yourself a favor and do not miss this workshop!


If you are a visual learner and need visual reminders.


If you crave more time to do the things you love with the people you love most.


If you are a big picture thinker and know today’s actions impact tomorrow.


If you are tired of watching time go by- and want to live more of your dreams.

Erica sees people, adults and kids alike, for who they truly are. She has a way of opening herself up that allows for others to feel seen and heard by her in return. She inspires others to explore their potential in a safe and loving space. 

Got Questions? I've got answers↓

Erica did originally teach it live, but to make it available for more people to watch at their convienence it is now on replay.

Erica will share some fun techniques that you can implement! Have a paper and pencil ready to take notes. Erica’s teaching style is to encourage possibilities and not give a step by step approach. You will walk away inspired and with an imagination unleashed to dream!

Although there will be “working” time together in the workshop, you will do most of your creating after our time together. In order to prepare for this workshop, just have a pencil and paper/journal ready to take notes.

Since the workshop is not live, there wont be a chance to ask Erica questions live here. We welcome questions and follow up at or find Erica on social media at @spoonfulofimagination and send her a message there.

We hope so! If anything, it will be the reminder you need to reignite the passion and dreams inside of you! Erica will also invite you in to work with her more closely at the end of the workshop. This is a chance to see her teaching style, gather valuable content, and get a pep talk to dream and imagine the possibilities!

Sort of.  The only cost is your time. Which we know is not free, so thank you for entertaining the idea to come hang out with our team. We will do our very best to make it value packed and FUN for you!

I wish I had known what I know now back when I began the Spoonful of Imagination in 2009….



Lots of years of DIY blogging, participating in art shows, starting an art studio and teaching hundreds and hundreds of workshops, classes, camps, and team building events to artists from 2-99 years old, has taught me a lot about what I want to invest my time, gifts, and heart into.



My mission today is to encourage others to create and connect with themselves and those they love in a way that fills them up to pour back out. We are all unique and your life matters. Your voice, experiences, interests, and passions are needed in this world.

This workshop is the beginning of a mindset to see endless possibilities and a charge to go after the life you want.



Life really goes so quickly. I recently turned 40 and can’t believe I’ve been married for almost 19 years and we have a highschooler and two middle schoolers.



Your chance to create a life that you look back on and smile proudly that you DID that and you were PRESENT for it, begins now.



Claim your life. I’ll help you with the how, but you do need to know the why-if creating a fulfilling year sounds exciting, choose to say yes to this workshop with me. I’ll see you soon!



Imagine the Possibilities,




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