Before I tell you all about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

You are right for Create More Connection if you are weary, burning out (or ready to recover from burnout), and exhausted from the way you are living. You know there is more to life and to you. You are ready for change. At the very core of who you are, you know you can do life more enjoyably, more connected and more living in the present moment.

Create More Connection is right for you if you want to build connections that are deep, real and last a lifetime. You are ready to say hello to a schedule and lifestyle that fuels you and goodbye to that twitchy eye.

If you are…

Β πŸ“Ž constantly thinking “there is not enough time in the day!” but crave more margin to do all that your heart desires

πŸ“Ž an entrepreneur who started with a drive and fire but that grit and passion has turned into something you are resentful of as it has taken over your life- you are BURNT OUT

πŸ“Ž an overwhelmed mom who craves routines to reclaim time and order to help with the daily flow of life

πŸ“Ž a go getter who craves more sustainable rhythms and plans

πŸ“Ž a big picture thinker who knows the actions of today really do impact tomorrow and you want to KNOW in your gut that you are doing the best you can to invest in your relationships to be connected for the long haul

πŸ“Ž BUSY and realize the path you are on is unsustainable and you no longer enjoy it

You’re in the right place!

Create More Connection will give you the tools, habits, and inspiration to create a life you not only enjoy but are actively showing up for (with the best parts of you), frees up your mental load, retires your stress, unleashes your playful side and builds a connection with those you love to last a lifetime.

By the end of this course you will have...


a better balance of how you show up daily and what you add to those around you.


freedom in connecting to the YOU that was there before adulting took over.


the knowledge for a steady foundation to grow on.


tools in your parenting to build a connection that goes the long haul.

Erica sees people, adults and kids alike, for who they truly are. She has a way of opening herself up that allows for others to feel seen and heard by her in return. She inspires others to explore their potential in a safe and loving space. 

Plain and Simple: The 5 daily habits covered in Create More Connection changed my life and will change yours as well! The course is officially OPEN for enrollment!

(BUT not for long…)

What's Inside Create More Connection⇣

Module 1: Work On You

  • Practice Self Compassion
  • Know Who You Are
  • Be Present in Struggle
  • Don’t Give Up

Module 2: Feel and Claim Feelings

  • Mention-able & Manageable
  • Power of our Energy

Module 3: Wave Goodbye to Perfectionism

  • Our Super Power
  • Growth mindset

Module 4: Make Failure Ok

  • Trying & Messing Up
  • What Failures Can Teach Us

Module 5: Give Brains a Break

  •  What moves memories to the longer term bank
  • Power of silliness

Plus, these FREE bonuses help you generate unstoppable momentum to put these habits into play!

That’s over $430 in value! Yours for only $79!

Join me in this journey!

In my go at your own pace course, I am giving you the secrets that changed my life. I went from a burned out instructor, buisness leader (that oozed that energy into impacting my family) to daily showing up and feeling empowered to respond to life rather than react, as I am clear on what I do and why. These 5 daily habits helped me reclaim my life, and I know they will yours too! Let's get personal. Let's look at root causes, so we can heal from the ground up and build a connection with those we love in the process.

Burning Q's that you might be wondering before grabbing access...

The videos live on a password protected video domain that we will have routed to our website. You will be given the link and password within 24 hours, sent to your email. This is where you will watch all the videos of Erica teaching and be able to download the content that goes with each lesson.

Although Erica does mention some creative ideas to do in coordination with the content, this is mostly a non-art-lesson course. Erica is working to create that course now and it should be released this spring. As we have found in encouraging people to be creative, they often need to feel more connected to themselves, who they are, and what they like as they know their giftings, interests, and passions. That is what this course is all about. It’s the foundation, and a personal view of what re-finding that base foundation takes, to then get back at a place to create and grow from there.

If you want to print out the documents that go with each module, you will need a printer. You can also print them at a local print shop or ask a friend to borrow their printer.Other than that, you will need access to the internet.

The course does not expire! Go at your own pace, learn, practice the habits, and then watch back later o down the road to be re-inspired and think of how far you have come in this journey.

You could complete it in a long weekend or a normal work week. We recommend not going past one module per a day though. Let the content in each module soak in, so you have time to digest it and think how to incorporate it into your daily life, before you take on another habit to learn about.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. As you get access to all the content and documents immediately, we can not claim that back.

The course covers 5 daily habits, which is broken down into 13 videos in total. Included in these lessons are 24 pages of content that will help you process the information on a personal level.

Have a question that we did not answer? Send us an email at

If you're thinking "this sounds amazing, but I'm not big on resolutions (this feels like one) and I'm not 100% sure, keep reading...

01. You want your life back. BADLY.

02. You aren’t afraid of change

03. You recognize that your kids are growing so quickly, and you worry if you are you investing in the right things.

Change can be really hard. I get it.

We get use the the way life is and the habits that make it work. We settle into rhythms that our family knows and has come to expect.

What we forget is we have a role in this story that our lives our living. We are the main character in each of your stories. We have a power to not settle for exhaustion, mediocre ways to use our skills, and brains in overdrive.

Our lives are ours to live. It takes courage to fight for you or to be open to change and a different way to do life and interaction with those you love. It’s a quiet courage that we can overlook or simply wave aside. It’s the courage that says, “I matter and I’m going to make the most of my one, wild, precious life”. This courage is life changing. It’s life changing for us as individuals, but also those around us.

Sometimes courage is making your beautiful self more vulnerable and available to who you are at your core and those you love.

We need more of this courage and it’s within your power to start today. Become your own hero and show up more as who you were made to be.

I created this course after I wrapped up a hard season of closing down the art studio that I founded, ran and lead for the previous five years. Burn out had taken over my life and I knew I needed more living. I wanted to sleep through the night. I wanted my eye to stop twitching. I wanted to know how I was interacting with my family was building true connection. I wanted to show up in the world more as the Erica I was before stress and leading took over my life.

The 5 habits we cover in this course changed my life. Life still has hard moments, but I not feel I can respond from a healthy place and I’m not living in survival mode, where I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast.

Doing hard things has given me so much clarity. My body cries out to be useful, to add value to others, to share my gifts, to teach what I know. I want you to see the value you add to this world. YOU matter and this world needs a full version of you. The version of you where your tank is full and ready pour out from a fulfilled place. We need you alive and on fire for your life. You were made for more than settling for an exhausted, burnt out place.

2023 is the year to have way more joy, love, life, growth, and LIVING. Don’t live another year just watching the calendar click by. Create more connection. You matter and I this course can be the pep talks needed for you to connect with yourself and those you love in the life of your dreams!

Imagine the Possibilities,


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