30 ways to
Encourage the

Hi Friends! 

Erica from Spoonful of Imagination here. Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in the creative process because “finding the time to start AND finish” can be tricky!? Kids have no problem creating, and we can re-learn a lot from their playful spirits. Being young at heart is a lifestyle that we have to practice.

Quick, little exercises open up a new loop in our brain and can set us up to have a more playful, imaginative day. I’ve come up with 30 quick ways that you can practice adding a Spoonful of Imagination into your daily life.

Want to do this as a 30 day challenge!? Go for it! I’ve made a list of activities that I feel can be opened up to your exploration. Maybe you spend 5 minutes on an activity or maybe it unleashes a whole afternoon of fun and memory making. The prompts are yours for the taking to use them as they best serve you and your family.

This is yours, free! Ok, how about 99.9% free?! All I’m asking in return is your name and email address. I’d love to keep you in the loop with other tips, tricks, and tools we are going to be releasing to help you unlock and maximize your creative potential. Deal? 

Fill out the simple form below and we will give you the PDF download right away! Do this solo, with your partner, a close friend, or even your kids. It’s going to be oh, so FUN!

Imagine the possibilities, 

P.S. I’d love to see your journey! Tag @spoonfulofimagination with #spoonfulofimagination30ways so I can find you!

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